African Mango


Our African Mango Tablets aid in reducing blood sugar levels after a meal. With a fibre content our African Mango Tablets work towards supporting healthy digestive and bowel function. An effective tool in a slimming plan.

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  • High Soluble Fibre Content
  • Supports Healthy Blood Sugar Balance
  • Slows Down The Digestion of Food



What is African Mango?

African Mango is quickly on its way to becoming a superfood. Extracted from the African Mango fruit, the African Mango extract has proven itself as one of the most popular supplements available on the market today. It is widely accepted that African Mango’s popularity is rightly owed to its powerful ability to support healthy weight loss and encourage a more effective digestive system.

Grown in the centre and the west of the African continent, African Mango is a fruit deriving from the Irvingia Gabonensis tree. While the fruit itself may be delicious and the fleshy part of it eaten raw, the fruit can also be processed into jelly or jam for a wider range of culinary uses and flavourings. However, it is the seeds inside that carry the most benefits, containing the highly soluble fibre that encourages an effective digestive system and long-term weight loss. The basis for this health supplements increasing popularity. By grounding down the seeds and creating a natural African Mango extract supplement a safe and easily consumable method of ingestion is created. Allowing the user to conveniently add this nutritional aid to any careful diet plan with ease.

The Benefits

The most amazing feature about this supplement is the many benefits it provides. Some of the most important benefits are:

Controlling Hunger – Proven to assist both the Adiponectin hormone – a key hormone in the breaking down of fatty acids and the Leptin hormone – the hormone that informs the brain that we are full and do not require any food. With these two hormones working at optimal levels, a healthy fat loss and weight management system will be free to function within the body and work towards controlling hunger and burning unwanted fat stores effectively.

High Fibre – Another great quality of the African Mango supplement is the high fibre content included within it. It is this high amount of fibre that allows for an optimised level of support for cholesterol levels in the body. The fibre works to bind together bile acids inside the gut and remove it from the body in the form of faeces when excreted. It is due to the bodies requirement of converting cholesterol into bile acids for this process to occur that a deficiency is caused. The resulting conversion and recycling of cholesterol for replenishment means there becomes a substantial decrease in the amount of remaining blood cholesterol levels. Leading to a healthier number.

Further information

The seeds found in the African Mango fruit don’t just contain great fat burning properties, they are also high in important nutrients. For example, Calcium which is useful for supporting healthy bones, Potassium for stronger cardiovascular health, Sodium for controlled and regulated blood pressure and Iron for that important red blood cell production.

Starting with its amazing weight loss capabilities African mango supplements could furthermore be a remedy for people who possess elevated cholesterol levels. It thaws LDL cholesterol that creates blockages in the veins resulting in stifling of the veins. A researcher referred to it as a “phenomenon in your medicine cupboard”. The Benin Military profited from African mango seed extract in particular way back throughout the early on the 1800s these guys took advantage of it as all natural medication in dealing with injuries for troops. In some areas of the world, the bark of this particular west African mango is actually taken advantage of as a toothache solution. This plant has an extensive history as a painkiller.

The best news about the African mango is that so far there have been no adverse side effects to the supplement. All in all African mango seems to be a great supplement for people who want to get serious about weight loss.