Cinnamon helps to aid in digestion and to help control blood glucose levels. Stable blood glucose is important for regulating appetite and weight. Cinnamon is a powerful antioxidant and nutritional powerhouse.

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  • Beneficial For Aiding Digestion
  • Optimise The Performance of Insulin
  • Promote Healthy Blood Sugar Levels



What is Cinnamon?

Cinnamon tablets are commonly known throughout the world by people as a spice, perfect for flavouring foods such as stir fry and drinks such as a latte. However, these are not the only uses for the popular spice Cinnamon, it is merely the beginning of its versatility. Originating from the inner bark of the Cinnamon tree and then dried and either ground up into ceylon Cinnamon powder or cut into its tubular form, this amazing spice Cinnamon has been used for centuries as a herbal medicine in both South Asia and China. With its excellent health benefits, for example, management of blood sugar levels or helping to lower cholesterol. Cinnamon supplements have recently become a popular find in western culture for that extra well-needed support in our daily lifes.

Cinnamon is extremely high in powerful antioxidants such as polyphenol, the main explanation for the spicy’s abundance of benefits and uses. Polyphenol is a group of more than 500 phytochemicals, these are the natural micro-nutrients found in plants that help protect the plant from harm and support its life cycle. Incredibly it isn’t just plants that benefit from a high number of polyphenol as humans that consume a large amount of these antioxidants are also found to gain from their damage preventing properties.

The Benefits

The most amazing feature about this supplement is the many benefits it provides. Some of the most important benefits are:

Controlling Diabetes – The main factor in this ailment is the elevated blood glucose levels in the body. Meaning a constant battle to manage this condition effectively and safely to avoid complications. This kind of battle can be quite a challenge with a lot of medication cinnamon bark extract has been shown to safely lower glucose by imitating insulin and increase the transport of glucose into the cells for energy. Cinnamon does not only imitate the effect of insulin directly, but it also increases the bodies sensitivity ensuring that the insulin it does get is more efficient at doing its job of moving glucose into cells.

Weight Management – An important quality you can find in this great spice is the cinnamaldehyde property. It is the compound in Cinnamon that gives it its odour and flavour, often used as a flavouring agent itself. New studies have concluded that it is the cinnamaldehyde property that plays a large part in the procedure of thermogenesis, a metabolic process which produces heat for the body by burning calories. The research showed that more metabolism-boosting genes and enzymes were produced in the body due to the consumption of cinnamomum which resulted in the burning of fat cells instead of the storing of them. Losing weight can also help to prevent heart disease by leading a healthier lifestyle and consuming a better diet for your heart health including lots of fruit and vegetables for all the vitamins you need.

Healthy Digestion – It is found that consuming food at room temperature or more causes a build up of Carbon Dioxide in the stomach – the cause of uncomfortable and dangerous gastric acid which can lead to stomach disorders. This is where the consumption of Cinnamon around meal times comes in use. It has the ability to lower the temperature of the stomach by decreasing gastric acid and pepsin from the stomach walls, this protects the gut and allows for a healthier digestive system.

Further information

When it comes down to the discussion regarding the world’s greatest medical spices, cassia Cinnamon can be found at the top. This particular superstar of the medical spice world possesses a number of potent antioxidants to aid in health and inflammation. Antioxidants help to assist in prolonging the growing old process, decrease oxidative stressd during exercise as well as purge the human body of poisonous substances. Antioxidants might even help prevent cancer by neutralize free radicals, thus preventing them from causing damage.

In regards to the absolute most powerful resources of antioxidants, cassia Cinnamon is right at the top of the list. A minimal amount goes a very long way to your overall health. Just two servings daily can make a real over difference to your life.

This fantastic spice Cinnamon that is packed full of nutrition and could additionally aid in protecting against sugars from being metabolized into excess fats. Research studies have shown that Cinnamon might just find and pinpoint belly fat which is amazing because it is on a location of the body that is especially stubborn in regards to fat reduction as well as toning up.