Garlic provides remarkable support not only to the digestive system but may help maintain normal cholesterol levels in the circulation.

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  • Helps Maintain a Healthy Heart
  • Relieve High Blood Pressure
  • Detoxify The Body

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What is Garlic?

Garlic is truly an incredible supplement and has been found to reduce inflammation and offer antioxidant benefits. This is due to an incredibly powerful compound called Allicin. Garlic is regularly used to support healthy cholesterol levels and overall cardiovascular well-being. Our high strength formula of 1000 mg enhances these cardio advantages. E-nutrition’s fast discharge soft-gels are extremely bioavailable and odour free making taking garlic easy without the smell.

Garlic has been used for thousands of years it has been well documented by numerous important civilizations, including the Babylonians, Greeks, Egyptians, Chinese and Romans. Hippocrates, the great Greek philosopher frequently called the father of Western medicine. Would prescribe to people garlic to heal a mixture of medical ailments.

The Benefits

The most amazing thing about this supplement is the many benefits it provides, some of the most important benefits are:

Immune System – Garlic extract stimulates white blood cells (neutrophils, macrophages, monocytes, and lymphocytes) by increasing glutathione. White blood cells are immune cells that help shield you from infections, while glutathione is an antioxidant that secures immune cells from free radicals. Garlic supplements, taken daily during the cold season, help to prevent or shorten the duration of colds.

Antioxidants – Oxidative stress can be lessened by garlic this is because it has antioxidative effects, shielding the human body on a microscopic level from free radicals. Studies show that the brain is especially susceptible to oxidative stress damage, so those small garlic capsules may manage to keep you sharper for longer.

Prevention of Heart Disease – Taking garlic on a regular basis (supplements or in food) may help to decrease cholesterol levels because of the antioxidant qualities of Allicin. It is also extremely helpful to improve blood sugar levels and blood pressure.

Further information

Garlic also manages oral diseases like oral thrush, periodontitis, and sore mouth from dentures. Garlic has fantastic antibacterial effects on dental plaque bacteria that if left untreated can cause tooth decay.

Allicin in garlic fights bacteria by hindering sulfur-containing enzymes that need bacteria for survival. Garlic may be used in combination with antibiotics or to handle multidrug-resistant bacteria.