Korean Ginseng


Korean Ginseng is one of the top selling herbal supplements today. Highly popular among all ages, Korean Ginseng has experts believing its extreme popularity is due to its stimulatory properties.

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  • Powerful Antioxidant
  • Anti-Inflammatory Properties
  • Helps Strengthen Immune System

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What is Korean Ginseng?

Korean Ginseng, often called Asian Ginseng or Panax Ginseng derides from the harvested 5-6 year old root of the Panax (Panax meaning ‘all-healing’ in Greek) plant found commonly in the mountains of Eastern Asia. Primarily growing in the Korean Peninsula and North-eastern China.

Having been religiously used in traditional Chinese medicine for centuries as a tonic for the body, Korean Ginseng and its stimulant properties has become a go to source for energising and restoring vitality, especially after illnesses such as the common cold.

Now used as one of the most popular herbal supplements in the United States in recent years, Korean Ginseng’s geographical reach has broadened and is finding itself with an ever increasing following in Europe.

The Benefits

The most amazing feature about this supplement is the many benefits it provides. Some of the most important benefits are:

Improved Blood Circulation – One of the main qualities of Korean Ginseng is its ability to vastly improve the effective circulation of blood around the body. It is thanks to the active compound found in Korean Ginseng called Ginsenoside that supports this excellent benefit. The Ginsenoside will actively dilate the blood vessels allowing for a boost in blood flow activity.
Resulting in the potential feeling of full body revitalisation and increased wellness.

Enhanced Mental Focus – Studies have consistently shown that regular consumption of the Korean Ginseng root has positive effects on both memory and reaction time. Due to the previously mentioned Ginsenosides found within the root of the Korean Ginseng plant, neurons within the brain are better protected and repaired at a faster rate. It is these neurons that are the key to transmitting information from the brain to the nerve calls, muscles and glands. Creating effective communication. This allows for a sharper and more effective mind. It is for these reasons that it is absolutely vital to ensure that the health of the neurons is taken care of and supported. Sharper cognitive functioning is crucial to any active and healthy mind.

Further information

Korean Ginseng is extracted as a powder and can comes in a variety of types. A Red version, a White version and a Sun version. It is the Red Ginseng that is the most frequently used of all the Ginsengs. The Reg Ginseng is steam cured and then powdered.

In Chinese medicine it is thought that the fresh White Ginseng is much cooler than its Red Ginseng counterpart. White ginseng is a fresh ginseng that is peeled and then dried.