Vitamin D3 Tablets


Vitamin D3, often known affectionately as ‘the sunshine vitamin’ due to its natural production from exposure to sunlight can be found in several other consumable sources. Some of these consumable sources include, red meat, egg yolk, oily fish and more.

Key Benefits of Vitamin D3:

  • Supports Immune System
  • Maintaining Muscle Function
  • Encourages Bone Maintenance


What is Vitamin D3?

Vitamin D3 is one of the two most important D Vitamins used by the body. Although commonly known as a Vitamin, it is actually operates directly as a hormone. This is due to its natural production within the body caused by the skin having exposure to sunlight. Once produced in the body, the vitamin is then transferred around the body via the bloodstream to support the absorption of both calcium and phosphorous from the consumption of food sources in the intestines.

Benefits of buying a Vitamin D3 supplement:

  • Powerful ingredients to aid your Vitamin D3 nutritional needs
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  • Fantastic value for money
  • A massive 10,000 5000% RI ultra-potent product
  • A massive 2 month supply
  • Enhanced immune system
  • Absorption and utilisation of calcium and phosphorus
  • Vital for hormonal health and immunity
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  • Helps the body absorb calcium for healthy bones and teeth
  • Trusted, transparent and tested supplements made in the United Kingdom

Vitamin D3 Benefits?

Healthier bones – Vitamin D3 excels at helping support healthy bone structure. Promoting stronger bones is a key benefit of this crucial vitamin. Vitamin D3 gets to work by whizzing around the bloodstream and working to absorb and pull in the consumed calcium and phosphorous, the two most important minerals for bone health more effectively. This results in enough gathered resources to create an optimised environment for strengthening bones and increasing bone mineral density. It is well studied fact that healthier bones will reduce the chance of fracture and potential skeletal deformities, such as bad posture.

Improved immune system – Vitamin D3 has been described as a kind of light switch within the body, turning off or on processes required by the body. The reason for this name is due to the fact that once produced, Vitamin D3 is sent all around the body, to the bones, intestines, brain, immune cells, etc. binding the receptors found in these areas together, effectively switching them ‘on’. This process allows for Vitamin D via the receptors to stimulate the activation of T-Cells, the cells required to fight foreign invaders.

A little more info…

It is crucial to consume enough Vitamin D3 for our body’s daily requirement to keep ourselves healthy but due to a lack of sun for a great many months of the year this isn’t always easy to do. It is no secret that in today’s age children spend far more time indoors sat behind a PC screen or a television than the generation’s gone by of playing outside in sunlight.

It is so easy with today’s lifestyle to fall behind and not consume enough of this crucial vitamin. That is why adding a good Vitamin D3 supplement to our lives is the perfect way to bridge the gap between our daily requirement and a potential deficiency in this important vitamin.