5 Best Exercises for Women

5 Best Exercises for Women

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You should be doing deadlifts because:

  1. They not only make your joints stronger but also condition them when done in the right way.
  2. They are ideal for taller females who find squats uncomfortable.
  3. They can help remove the pelvic tilt that most women develop after regular use of high-heels.
  4. Women who can do deadlifts will be able to do other kinds of lifts. This is because the easiest way to learn the hinge pattern is through deadlifts. Once you are comfortable with that, it is likely to increase your competence with other kinds of lifts, as well.


Your reasons for always including squats on your exercise lists are as follows:

  1. To stay upright during squats, you will be using all your leg muscles, unlike the machines that are installed in gyms, which target one muscle group at one time.
  2. A strained back is often the result when you try to tighten your gluteus via the upper backside route. The same is true for leg curl machines and the lower back. Squats can help make your butt look firm and toned in no time.
  3. Squats can be done anywhere and at anytime. You won’t need to go down to a gym or use one of the machines over there to do your squats. You can do them while at home or during your coffee break!

Weighted Hip Thrusts

Even though the two exercises mentioned above are good at making your quads and hamstrings work, they do not have the same effect on glute growth and strength development. Even as you squat or do deadlifts, your glutes are at rest. To make things happen there, you need the weighted hip thrust! It will put some pressure on the glutes for longer, making them work hard. Think of it as a bench press for your lower body. Moreover, you can develop maximal strength in a relatively short amount of time.

Overhead Press

On first glance, you might think that the overhead press is just like all the other upper body exercises out there. However, you would be wrong because while it does make your shoulders, upper chest and back, and triceps work, it also does more! The lower body and core muscles are to be kept unmoving but flexed while you go through the exercise. Overhead press can help you build upper-body strength and build muscle in terms of unlimited potential. It can also increase lockout strength and build stamina that allows you to bear heavy repetitions. Once you have superior lockout strength, you can take advantage of it in other related exercises!

Kettlebell Swing

  1. If you are looking for an exercise that will help reduce your body fat, then kettlebell swing is what you need! With its help, you will be able to power through high-intensity workouts while losing weight. As a consequence, you will stay motivated!
  2. Kettlebell swings can be used by women who do not want to build a bulky appearance but increase their strength. Instead of increasing the overall muscle mass, the kettlebell swing builds lean muscle tissue.

Use this list of exercises when you are looking for something that is either time saving, has benefits that carry over, or can be done anywhere!

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