When It Comes to Working Out, Men and Women Really Are Different!

When It Comes to Working Out, Men and Women Really Are Different!

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Women can certainly match the fitness level of men depending on how hard there working out and a number of other factors, but the simple reality is that gender really does have something to do with fitness. Wondering why? Take a look.

The Differences

You probably know there are some differences between men and women already, right? One of them has to do with hormones. Men have higher levels of testosterone than women do, and women tend to have higher levels of estrogen than men do. Estrogen leads to the growth of fat cells, which is frustrating to many women as they begin working out. Testosterone, though, naturally leads to the growth of muscle. That means men can build more muscle mass and attain higher rates of weight loss than women can. It also means they tend to have a lower BMI.

Women do have some advantages, though. They are naturally more flexible than men because their bones are shorter. That means a few possibilities in terms of workout that won’t go over well for men like yoga and pilates. Women also take instruction better, which means they’re more likely to participate in group sessions, which also means they can reap social benefits of exercise men can’t.

The Bonus

Despite the fact that women don’t have that muscle mass and the easy ability to get a lean healthy body, the bonus here is that women tend to take a more holistic approach to fitness, and their entire lives change for the better once they take up a solid fitness program.

Our Health Supplements

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